Saskia was introduced to yoga in 2003, practicing on and off initially. After moving from the German countryside to New York City in 2006 yoga became an essential and substantial practice helping her to find stillness, peace, and clarity in this big city. She completed the first Sarva Yoga Academy teacher training at Go Yoga with teachers Lilia Mead, Michael Hewett and Matthew Lombardo. Saskia has studied various lineages of yoga, the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism, Indian Yoga, and the Fourth Way. She was also certified as a Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner by Cheri Clampett & Arturo Peal at Integral Yoga & is a certified Reiki Practitioner of the 2nd degree. Most recently, she got certified as a Chair Yoga Teacher by Lakshimi Voelker in the program „Get Fit Where You Sit“ at the NY Open Center.
For Saskia yoga is not a physical practice but rather a combination of mind, body & spirit, and the healing powers of the unity of these elements. Saskia teaches both Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga & Vinyasa Flow, in which she aims to combine the inner & outer methods of healing simultaneously in motion.

Student Testimonials

I received Reiki from Saskia while going through a really difficult transition in my life. We met in Fort Green Park for my session. I asked her if there was anything she needed to know about me and she kindly said I didn't need to say anything. I laid on the grass and without her saying a word and could feel her call in all the directions. I have to this day never had a Reiki session like hers. It was very powerful and so healing for my heart chakra at that time. It was the second time i'd received Reiki and afterwards, I knew I myself needed to study Reiki. My session with Saskia was my biggest inspiration for my own Reiki journey and studies which have led me to becoming a practitioner and has in turn been incredibly self healing. Saskia is a powerful and inspiring channel for healing Earth energy. I  highly recommend her. Thank you Saskia

  -Christopher Carlone